A&A Elite Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56/300 with Micro Slick Bolt

A&A Elite Bolt Carrier Group .223/5.56/300 with Micro Slick Bolt

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A&A's Elite Bolt Carrier Group is coated in Elite Series High Performance Cerakote with a Micro Slick Bolt for Improved Performance and Durability.

*Micro Slick is a ceramic dry film coating used to reduce friction on a variety of internal firearm components, such as engine components, bolts and bolt carriers. C-110 has a blue/grey appearance and is an air cured ceramic coating.

*Cerakote Elite, the World Class Leader in thin film ceramic coating. We've taken the industry leading performance of Cerakote H-Series to the next level and improved hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity, all in a thinner application. We have accomplished this by developing an advanced resin technology that enables the incorporation of the highest performance engineered ceramics. -NIC Industries

* Coefficient of Friction rivaling Teflon at 0.11 (Steady-State Dynamic Coefficient of Friction Under Load)

* Extremely high chemical resistance (Specific chemical performance available by request)

World-Class performance with the following attributes:

* Distinctive high-end look and feel you have to experience to believe.

* Industry leading consistency in color, mil thickness and finish.

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