Status Updates Only: If your order is less than 60 days you may not receive a response. If your order is more than 60 days old please reach out to us at

Important please read: Dear valued Custom Cerakote Customers, We are processing orders in the order they were received and in batches by color. This means some customers may have their orders shipped within 3 business days or may have to wait the full 60 days depending on the color you have selected and when the next batch of that color is being processed. Our entire staff work very hard to process orders as soon as possible and get them shipped out to you in the highest quality. Our goal is always to send you your order as soon as possible. We receive hundreds of orders each day. We'd like to be able to continue to offer you all great custom products at low prices, but the trade off is longer wait times. We'd rather not sacrifice quality or raise our prices because we value our customers. We ask for your understanding. Older orders are being given the highest attention and will be shipping out as soon as possible. The status update system will not be available during COVID-19 and will be opened again once all is back to normal. We ask that all customers be patient with us to complete your custom Cerakote orders. We are working on them.

For customers that created an account:

We do try to update orders under the comments tab when you view your order information in your account. Please click on the 'My Account' option. Click 'Review Orders'. Select the appropriate time tab from the drop down menu. Next find your order number and click 'View Order'. On this page you will be able to see if we have given your order an update under the 'Order Status/Comments section.

Please be patient with updates. Thank you.