dear valued customers

As you currently can see products across the industry are in high demand causing some items to be more difficult to come by, but not impossible.  As cost for us goes up, we will try in every way to keep your cost down where we can.  Our goal is to maintain offering high quality products at an affordable price for our customers.  We thank you for your support and we appreciate your patience and understanding on wait times.

One of the main causes for high demand at this time is the reduction of China made product and increase of USA made product.   We will continue sourcing high quality, USA made products throughout this endeavor.  By the end of the industry demand the entire market will be at a higher level and customers will have higher quality, longer lasting parts and accessories made AMERICA STRONG!

A HUGE thank you to all of our amazing customers!

Thank you sincerely for being patient for us throughout the crazy market demand going on at this time.   we appreciate each and every one of you and APOLOGIZE that we have been unable to respond to everyone.

 we are working as fast as possible to process orders in a timely manner.  orders may take anywhere from 3 to 90 days to process depending on color selected and current work loads.  Most orders will not take this long.

Join our fight.  Save lives!

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